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(Editor’s Note: Signup for the 2017 BGA Premium began Monday, July 3, 2017.)

Available Season Packages

There are three levels of BGA season passes:

  • A basic pass entitles the subscriber to an entire year’s worth of stories for $75.
  • The second level of membership entitles the subscriber to an entire year’s worth of stories and two email alerts (emails with a link to that day's story).
  • The $100 package entitles immediate family members to share one subscription and to receive up to three email alerts (emails with a link to that day's story).

(If you really want to support BGA, give a gift of a subscription to a friend or relative and spread the word!)

Subscriptions run from Aug. 1, 2017-July 31, 2018.


Payment may be made by check or via PayPal. Payment by check is preferable because of charges incurred with PayPal. To subscribe by check, CLICK HERE.

To Subscribe Using PayPal
Please Note: This is not the PayPal subscription service. This is a one-time payment that sends me a note after which I manually activate your password for the next  year. It is not set up to bill you again a year from now because I find that practice annoying.


If you are a NEW subscriber you must choose a Username and Password  at the bottom of this page in order to have your BGA Premium account activated.

Activation is NOT done automatically. Unfortunately, I have to activate your account manually, which I will do the first time I’m online after you sign up. That could take just minutes or a few hours or, if I’m on the road, until the end of the day.

If  you are a RETURNING subscriber you do NOT have to choose a Username or Password. They will be the same as in the past and will be manually activated upon receipt of payment.

 NEW subscribers must fill out the following form.

If you subscribed to BGA last year please do NOT fill out this form. Do not check the box. Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. You are set ;-)

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